UPDATE - Effective Thursday, March 26th, we are under a statewide shelter-in-place order, meaning we can no longer access our store to ship online orders. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and intend to resume shipping as soon as the emergency order is lifted and we can once again access our store. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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Join the Community of Train Enthusiasts Live Every Week With:

Os Virtual Check-in &
Os Happy Hour!

OS Virtual Check-In

Our organizational purpose here at Caboose is to cultivate connection by supporting the worldwide community of train enthusiasts in the enjoyment of our shared passion for trains. And it was this purpose that led us to consider how we can support you, the train enthusiasts community during this challenging period when we’re hunkered down in our homes. So, along with our friends Michelle Kempema of the Colorado Model Railroad Museum and HO modeler and railfan Chris Palomarez, we came up with the OS Virtual Check-in.

As you may know, OS is a railroad term from timetable and train order days meaning “On Sheet” – when a train passes a given station, the operator would call the dispatcher saying, for example, “Number 72 OS Linden 3:23 pm” which means train 72 just passed the station at Linden at 3:23 pm, and the dispatcher notes the fact on his dispatcher’s sheet, or “On Sheet”. It’s literally how trains would “check in” with the dispatcher.

So OS Virtual Check-In is a way for us to continue to support each other in the train enthusiasts community in a time when we cannot necessarily meet in person. We co-host a one-hour video chat session twice a week where we interview one of your fellow train enthusiasts live and in living color, followed by an opportunity for interactive Q&A. These calls are on the Zoom app (and also via live stream on the Caboose Facebook page), on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm Mountain. The Zoom link for OS Virtual Check-In is:

OS Happy Hour

We also host OS Happy Hour, an opportunity for rail enthusiasts to crack open a cold one and discuss what’s on their bench, layout progress, railfan news and stories, whatever strikes your fancy (EXCEPT politics – this is about sharing our passion for trains and is therefore intended to be FUN), for an hour every Friday evenings at 5:00pm Mountain. The Zoom link for OS Happy Hour is:

Recordings of previous shows may be found on our Facebook page. Get to know your fellow train enthusiasts is a relaxed virtual setting, and participate in your community! We hope to see you soon!

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What happened to Caboose Hobbies?

The predecessor to Caboose Hobbies was established in 1938 in Denver, was purchased by Glenn Brazleton in 1951, converted to a train enthusiasts store and renamed Caboose Hobbies. Ownership passed to Glenn’s son Duane Miller and his wife Joanna, who moved the store to the 500 South Broadway location in 1981. Upon termination of the lease at that location in 2016, the assets of Caboose Hobbies were purchased by Kevin Ruble, the store was moved 7-1/2 miles west to Lakewood, Colorado and renamed Caboose (which is what almost everybody called it anyway). So fear not, intrepid train enthusiasts – we’re still here, and more accessible than ever!

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