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1301 True Scale Long Shank Coupler 2pr/Pk

Part #: 489-00102301

Micro Trains Line

1301 True-Scale Coupler -- Long Shank pkg(4) (black) This new coupler is specifically designed for accurate scale size, more prototypical features, proper scale-distance between cars and no slinky effect when operating. This easy-to-assemble and install body mount coupler consists of a draft gear box, lid, knuckle, lip shank and a separate plug-in air hose. There are no springs. They are uncoupled manually using a sharp toothpick or a needle and can be joined by simply pushing the cars together. These couplers are to scale so they will not couple with existing larger N scale couplers. For those who have Magne-Matic or other coupler systems, you can use a conversion car, which comes with a Magne-Matic installed on one end and a True-Scale coupler on the other.

1301 True-Scale  Long Shank Coupler 2pr/pk