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Chuggington Launch & Go Roundhouse

Part #: lcv-54204

Learning Curve

Launch & Go Roundhouse The Chuggington - Launch and Go Roundhouse is the home of the Chuggington engines and a great centrepiece for your Chuggington die-cast world. Rotate the launcher and eject the 'chuggers' onto the circle of track when the engines are ready for an adventure. Featuring 4 engine bays, a rotating launcher with turntable and realistic Chuggington sounds, the Roundhouse also includes a die cast Koko engine for you to begin playing with immediately. The open ended play system means that the Launch and Go Roundhouse is compatible with all die cast engines and can be easily connected to other Chugginton playsets and track accessories to create an entire Chuggington world. Encourage imaginative play with the Chuggington - Launch and Go Roundhouse. Features Rotating launcher with turntable Realistic Chuggington sounds 4 engine bays Diecast Koko engine

Chuggington Launch & Go Roundhouse