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Ge Tier 4 Ge Vo Et44 C4 Union Pacific #2672 Dc/Non Sound

Part #: SXT-31117


GE Tier 4 GEVo ET44C4 Union Pacific #2672 DC/Non Sound DCC Ready, Directional LED Headlights, Printed and LED Lighted Number Boards, Tread Plate on Walkways, Detailed Cab Interior w/ Separate Floor, Rear Wall, Seats, Control Stand, and Crossing Grade Camera, Tinted Cab Side Windows, Etched Metal See-Through Dynamic Brake Intake Grilles w/ Blower Motors Visible Inside, See-Through Dynamic Brake Exhaust, Separate Exhaust Stack, 40 Individually Applied Etched Metal See-Through Radiator Intake and Exhaust Grilles on Sides and Top of Radiator Compartment, Accurately Profiled Frame w/ Separately Applied Plumbing and Cabling, 5,300 Gallon Fuel Tank w/ External Waste Retention Tank, Factory-Applied Wire Grab Irons, Snowplow, Spare Knuckles, Trainline Hoses, 3-Hose MU Clusters, Uncoupling Levers, Windshield Wipers, Mirrors, Sunshades, Air Tanks, Fuel Tank Mounted Electronic Bell, Brake Wheel and More, Semi-Scale Coupler Buffer Equipped w/ Durable Metal Semi-Scale E Type Knuckle Couplers, All-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Electrical Pick-Up, Dual Flywheels, Motor w/ 5-Pole Skew Wound Armature, Printing and Lettering Legible Under Magnification

GE Tier 4 GEVo ET44C4 Union Pacific #2672 DC/Non Sound


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