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Ge Dash 9 44 Cw Rivet Counter Dcc/Sound Santa Fe #699

Part #: SXT-31314


GE Dash 9-44CW Rivet Counter DCC/Sound ATSF #699 ESU-LokSound v5.0 DCC & Sound Decoder w/ “Full Throttle”, 2 Cube-Type Speakers, Accurate FDL-16 Prime Mover and Auxiliary Sounds, Horn, Bell, and more, ESU-designed PowerPack w/ 2 Super Capacitors, Operates on DC & DCC, Rotating Axle Bearing Caps, Nose Door, See-Through Stepwells, Profiled End Handrails, Nose Top Grab Irons, Prototypical Engine Cab Profile, Prototypical Exhaust Stack Housing, Lifting Lugs on Radiator Wings, Rear Sand Filler, Separate Air Tanks, Spare Coupler Knuckle Holders, GE “nub” Walkway Tread, Accurately Profiled Frame, Detailed Cab Interior Per Prototype, Tinted Cab Side Windows, “Bathtub” Exhaust SilencerFactory-Applied Detail Parts, Durable Metal Semi-Scale Type E Knuckle Couplers, Motor w/ 5-Pole Skew Wound Armature, Dual Flywheels, All-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Electrical Pick-Up, Directional LED Headlights, Printing & Lettering Legible Under Magnification

GE Dash 9-44CW Rivet Counter DCC/Sound Santa Fe #699


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