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Emd Sd40 2 Milwaukee Road #189

Part #: 140-16610


EMD SD40-2 Milwaukee #189 Starting in 1983, the Milwaukee Road began painting SD40-2's in their final paint scheme- featuring an orange and black "lightning stripe" and the Hiawatha logo on the nose. Equipped with standard range dynamic brakes and the smaller 3200-gallon fuel tank, they could commonly be found in the 80s and 90s working with other Milwaukee units, and later, Soo Line power. All road numbers 81" nose, chickenwire grills, small anticlimbers Windshield wipers Hood side mounted bell Leslie RS3L Low profile horn Whip antenna 2-pane all weather window on engineer's side Operating Prime Stratolight beacon on cab (flashes in DCC) EMD standard plow on front, weed cutter plow on rear Speed recorder

EMD SD40-2 Milwaukee Road #189