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Emd Sd40 2 Dcc/Sound Missouri Pacific #6006

Part #: 140-16714


EMD SD40-2 DCC/Sound Missouri Pacific #6006 Blue In the mid 1970s, the Missouri Pacific owned many examples of EMD SD40-2 locomotives- but their next order was to be a bit different. MoPac needed locomotives that would be compatible with BN, UP, & CNW units on Powder River Basin coal trains. Unlike prior units, these SD40-2's were equipped with nose mounted oscillating headlights and dynamic brakes, and were referred to as "SD40-2c"- denoting their intended service as coal haulers. Later on, they were mixed freely with other MP power as well as being used in pool service. All road numbers 81" nose, corrugated grills, small anticlimber Windshield wipers Hood side mounted bell Leslie RS3L horn Firecracker antenna Cab vent Rotary beacon bracket Illuminated dual Gyralight on nose (effect with DCC+Sound) EMD standard plow on front, MU hose pockets on rear Speed recorder

EMD SD40-2 DCC/Sound Missouri Pacific #6006