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Locomotive 315 - *Consignment*
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Locomotive 315 - *Consignment*

Part #: NBC101376

Durango Railroad Historical Society 

Locomotive 315 Book. An account of the historical restoration of the 1895 Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) steam locomotive No. 315. The purpose of this book is to provide: 1. A detailed history of the 315 itself and the related history of Southwest Colorado; 2. enough detail about its restoration to satisfy an avid rail fan or a volunteer group restoring railroad equipment; 3. enough photos to satisfy a general audience; 4. and a detailed history of the technology that was built into the 315 and was changed over its life. "This remarkable book is perhaps the most complete account of the mechanical and operating life of a sinle steam locomotive to appear to date."--Robert A. Le Massena

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